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USB IP Phones are phones, designed for home and office use, which connect to the PC USB port instead of the traditional PSTN wall socket.
USB IP Phones substantially improve the audio quality and user interface of PC based telephony. Stereo quality audio processing is handled by a dedicated ASIC, (Applicaton Specific Integrated Circuit), in the phone. Full button integration with softphone clients running on the PC. The USB phone looks, sounds and feels like a conventional phone.
Operation of the USB IP phone does not require for the user to learn a new interface. However if the user is ready for it optional new and powerful capabilities become available thru the integration with PC applications.
Eutectics phones come in a variety of ergonomic form factors. We offer headsets, handsets, desk/speaker phones, and 2.4 GHz multi-station cordless phones.

(Universal Serial Bus) is the connectivity standard for PC peripheral devices since Windows 98. USB offers full Plug and Play support, no complicated device installation. USB provides power for smaller peripheral devices, so no cords or wall plugs. USB technology is used for a wide range of devices from cordless mice to keyboards, to digital camera's and printers.
Today USB comes in two versions: Version 1.1 supports device speeds up to 12 Megabits. Version 2.0 (released December 2001) supports device speeds up to 400 Megabits.
Eutectics USB IP phones work with both versions. 1394 or Firewire is another new pc interface with is mostly used for video applications. To date 1394 is not as widely proliferated as USB.

Sound Cards
Sound card devices are great for audio playback but fail to offer good duplex audio capabilities. Sound cards generally sample the audio in real-time but buffer the digital audio prior to bulk bus transfer to a storage media or process stream. Buffering results in jitter and delay. Jitter and Delay in turn cause or worsen echo, latency and unacceptable pauses in conversation.

Sound card devices also do not offer "command and control" capabilities needed for telephony.

IP Phones

IP Telephones
IP Telephones offer a stand alone solution that connects to an Ethernet. IP phones are really quite sophisticated computing devices offering color, touch screens, limited web browsing capabilities and other features. IP phones are not directly integrated with the PC.

Typical Proprietary IP Phones cost $300-$500 because in order to connect to the Ethernet additional (expensive) components are needed as compared to Eutectics IP Phone products.

Eutectics IP Phones are also available with DLDES - the Digital Line Data Encryption System - an Encrypted Unbreakable secure connection using the Cealcomm Secure Telephony Server CSTS. This is a perfect secure endpoint for highly sensitive communications such as are required by Government, Military and Financial Enterprise transactions.

Eutectics believes that IP Phones and USB Phones will coexist, especially in the Enterprise market. We see a larger overall market for USB products because of price, performance and advantages of integration with the PC.